One of the most important things you need to consider after constructing your bar is the right barstools. The right bar stools are able to blend well with your bar and most importantly they are able to ensure your guests are comfortable.

There are a number of factors you need to put into consideration before buying bar stools. These points include:

1. Measuring the Correct Counter Height

Your bar stools need to match the height of your counter not unless you may want to purchase adjustable seats. The height should be convenient in the sense that a customer or guest is able to comfortably grab their drinks and also rest their arms. If your bar is standard, it is advisable that you go for bar height stools. If your bar is a kitchen counter it is best you consider counter stools. You need to measure the distance between the floor and the counter so as to establish the correct height for your bar stools.

2. Look for Convenient Features

You should ensure that you look for simple and convenient features that will ensure that your guests remain comfortable throughout their stay. For instance, you can opt for adjustable seats which are able to accommodate guests of various heights. Addition of a footrest can also ensure your bar stool is very comfortable and customers are able to have a place where they can easily rest their feet. You can also consider swivel bar stools which enable guests to move around easily.

3. Match the Seat Details to Your Style

It is recommended that you choose bar stools for a lower price that match the physical setting of your bar. Bar stools that are made of wood will go well with houses that are somewhat rustic. Contemporary bar stools often go for the metallic or plastic material. If your bar is located in a beach area you can consider having coastal style bar stools.

4. Look for Comfortable Seats

The most important aspect that you need to consider when choosing bar stools is the level of comfort it will give to your guests. For example, you can opt for backless bar stools which are the most common type of bar stools. You can also opt for bar stools that have back support.

vintage bar stools

5. Choose Seats with Durable Material

You would definitely want to have seats that will last for a very long time to avoid purchasing stools every so often. Wood is one of the most common materials used for bar stools and its level of durability is quite high. Leather bar stools usually give a more luxurious appearance and are also quite durable. Plastic and metallic bar stools are also a durable option however the level of comfort may not be as high as compared to leather bar stools.

6. Complement the Colour of Your Walls

You should go for bar stools that complement the color of your walls so as to give it an appealing.

These are the various points you need to consider when purchasing bar stools so take all into account.