A treadmill can help you stay in shape through regular use, but like any type of machinery, it can be dangerous if you’re not using it properly. First and foremost, never let pets or children near your treadmill, and when not in use, remove the safety key. To help you and your family stay safe, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Safety tips to keep in mind for treadmill

Safety tips to keep in mind when use treadmill

*While using the treadmill, avoid the temptation to look down or to the side. You should be facing the front and looking ahead. Not looking in the right direction can cause you to feel disoriented and lose your balance in the process.

*Don’t use the handrails while you’re running on the machine. Manual treadmill handrails should only be grasped when you’re walking. If you feel the need to grab something, you should adjust the incline or speed of the machine.

*Never exercise on a treadmill while you’re barefoot. The moving belt causes serious friction that can result in painful burns and blisters. Wear properly fitting running shoes when you use a treadmill. Get your safety key in work, the safety key for treadmill is very important, if you lost the treadmill safety key you must get a new treadmill safety key replacement. Here are some key tips for you convenience: http://enjoytreadmill.com/treadmill-key-buy-lost-and-replacement/

children use the treadmill
*Don’t let your children use the treadmill as it can result in a serious injury. In fact, a large percentage of accidents in the home are caused by mishandled exercise equipment.

*Leave plenty of space around your treadmill while using it. In case you fall or need to jump off right away, you should have enough space to do so. In addition, never push yourself too hard and know what your limits are.  For small home, you can see the http://enjoytreadmill.com/best-manual-treadmill-for-small-room/ page, there are small size best manual treadmill fit limited space. There’s the possibility of getting hurt if you put too much pressure on yourself.

small size best manual treadmill fit limited space
Most treadmills work similarly, but it’s a good idea to read the instructions that came with your machine.  By reading the tips from www.enjoytreadmill.com you will have a much easier time adjusting your machine when you know what all of the knobs and buttons do.